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Why is THE COFFEE COLLEGE different

Difference I

The Coffee College has two pillars:


Pillar I is the University Program with scientific research and a curriculum that allows to graduate as Bachelor of Science (Bsc); furthermore it provides a Masters Degree and Specialty Courses for the Coffee Industry.

Pillar II is the Commercial Arm, which utilises the knowledge and findings of the University Program (Academia).

All developments, findings, new processes, applications, patents, collectively Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) will be bundled in a Special Investment Fund (SIF). The University and its participants, from professor down to the simple student, which is part of a scientific research program and successfully filed an IPR will pledge any right from such IPR to this fund. As "reward" they will be awarded fund units and benefits in the commercialisation of the IPR.

Why this approach and how will Ethiopia benefit from it?

In a normal academic environment, researchers document and file new findings like patents or other IPR. However, in most cases the use and commercial utilisations of IPR are not existing. In other words, the scientific work only has certain value to colleagues other scientific institutions or a faculty. Such IPR never becomes a relevant factor in the real world. The Coffee College directs its scientific research towards commercialisation. This means that funds used for research and IPR become a real monetary value and figure, which in return helps again to raise funds for advanced scientific research. 

The Special Investment Fund will become the backbone for a strong academic environment and independent funding source.

Ethiopia will receive a shareholding in the SIF. A foundation installed in Ethiopia, which is run by an Independent Council of Ethiopians (non-governmental) and the Coffee College founding partner, will hold these shares and support Ethiopians to participate in the College College (Academia or Commerce). The ultimate goal of the Coffee College is to lift the net income and life standards to create a new middle class. 

Difference II

The key statement: "we need students with the best brains and not with the deepest pockets" has an additional meaning and brings real life to this quote. 

A University requires graduates to participate in any academic program. The second pillar, the Commercial Arm of The Coffee College opens a unique opportunity for non-graduates. Real world experience through years, decades and even centuries of work and practices is often neglected in scientific research. People out in the field, farmers, pickers, engineers and anyone who has knowledge about coffee in the broadest sense, which in their eyes is not recognised or neglected is welcome to contribute its knowledge and expertise. We'll provide details about the filing requirements shortly and how this "unique brain" will be rewarded for the contribution. 

The Commercial Arm of the Coffee College addresses the needs to unleash the full potential of the country's potential. It requires the build-up of the rural infrastructure to provide the resources to reactivate idle coffee farms and an awareness within the population of its pristine commodity. This requires experts and smart people for these areas:

  • Decentralised Power Solutions

  • Irrigation and Water Distribution

  • Medical Equipment

  • Modular Housing

  • Water, Sanitation, Sewage

  • Media

  • Marketing 

The above mentioned areas will secure the long-term funding of the Coffee College and guarantee its independence and integrity.

The Coffee College as the lead institution for the global coffee industry will also provide the following services and become THE standard in "Inspection, Testing and Verification of Coffees". These services will be provided globally through licensing.

"Our overall goal is to bring the full potential of Ethiopia to its surface. Together we can build a future for generations to come and it's an honour and pleasure to participate in this journey".

Erich Fussl, President and Project Leader

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