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University and Campus

The University for Luxury Foods is located near the German-Austrian border. The University facility spans over two German municipalities in the State of Bavaria, Pocking and Ruhstorf.


The University is looking for a site in Pocking which will host the ACADEMIC CAMPUS, whereas the Masters Program, Bachelor's Program and Scientific Research will be conducted. 

The University is evaluating a potential site as TECHNICAL CAMPUS in Ruhstorf whereas multiple trades and processes will be carried out. Main focus lies on mobile power technology, water supply, mobile medical equipment and modular housing. 

Ruhstorf is host of world leading technology and institutions like MTU/Rolls Royce, Hatz Diesel and State Owned Agricultural Research Institute LFL.

Ruhstorf u. Pocking.png


Concept: Albrecht Fürthner, Sculptor

23.04.2011 17-09-55_0051.jpg
23.04.2011 17-58-15_0077.jpg
23.04.2011 17-08-39_0049.jpg


Municipality: Ruhstorf an der Rott


Technical Campus

We're of the opinion that a commodity producing country such as Ethiopia should have the technical resources and infrastructure to grow, harvest, process and sell coffee in a highly professional way. The Coffee Industry is not only defines by its raw product but also by the infrastructure and equipment necessary to generate its main export source. 


At the TECHNICAL CAMPUS in Ruhstorf we prepare, train and exchange Human Resources on both sides. Here are some examples that will be finally built in Ethiopia after training and preparation. Images are provided by courtesy of manufacturers.

Diesel, Solar, Wind Power Container.png

Mobile Power Generation (Diesel, Solar, Wind)


Medical Containers


Medical Buses

Trex Modular Houses.png

Modular Housing

Micro Sewage Treatment Plant.png

Micro Sewage Treatment Plant

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